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Kidz View

Kidz View is our ministry to children from birth to 5th grade. Our teachers are passionate about communicating God’s love and truth to kids. Little ones from birth to age 2 are cared for in a well-staffed, clean and safe nursery. The Nursery is available during the Sunday School hour at 9:30 and the worship service at 10:30.  Wee Worship is available at 10:30 for ages 3-K. Children in grades 1-5 experience worship at their own level in Kidz Church except on the first Sunday of each month when they worship with their parents for Family Sunday. Our children’s workers have had background checks and state clearances.

Junior and Senior High

As the world around us is in constant flux, teaching young people to grow in their relationship with the Lord helps them stand firm and serve Christ in all they do. Junior and Senior High both meet at 9:30 AM on Sunday Mornings.

Couple Scrapbooking

Sometimes as we age, we lose our spouses, our friends, or our health. As a part of our Christian family, we don’t want to lose contact with you. Whether at home, in residential care, or living with family, visitation is available for our friends when desired.

Join “Tried and True” friends in a fun and non-competitive group who like to play cards and boardgames. The games are not complicated and we readily teach each other how to play. We love to go to lunch afterwards for those who are interested.

Book Club
Adult Bible Fellowship

Join us at 9:30am for our ABF (Adult Bible Fellowship) classes:

Joy Class: Charlie Shoemaker - Room 101

Anchored in Christ: Jerry Ryder - Room 102

New Life Class: Brandon Yeager - Room 103


Willing Workers: Jim Gresham - Room 105
Life Groups

Join one of our life groups:

- "Where Do We Go From Here?  How Tomorrow's Prophecies Foreshadow Today's Problems": Led by Wayne Robertson on Wednesday nights from 6:30-8:00 pm.

"Ten Questions to Diagnose Your Spiritual Health": Led by Todd Payton on Thursday nights at 6:30 pm.

-“Love in Chaos” by Bob Goff: Led by Mike Sierk on Wednesday nights at 7:00 pm. 

Karate Practice_edited_edited.jpg
Martial Arts

We apply science & psychology while using interactive movement modalities (Martial Arts) as a vehicle.   This includes AGE-SPECIFIC curriculum to help target their stage of development, and uses a GAME-BASED approach to make the process fun. It is designed to SHAPE THE MIND, which is the central command station in charge of overall development.

Our classes are designed for students starting as early as 18 months. All classes have a low student to teacher ratio so everyone has more individualized attention.

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Helping Hands Ministry

If you or anyone you know needs help with any of the tasks listed below, please contact Paul Yondola via email (pyondola@yahoo.con) or call/text ( 724-640-8224 ) and he will work to connect you with someone from our church family who has volunteered to help with that specific need. Also, if you have one of these skills or a different skill and are willing to be added to our list of volunteers let Paul know. 

-Notary services

-Trust/Will services

-Financial counseling 

-Help with job search/career counseling/career coaching 

-Help with resume

-Basic tax help

-Health/wellness/nutrition/essential oils advice/assistance 

-Phone calls and written notes/emails of encouragement 


-Light housekeeping

-Transportation (rides to run errands, etc.)


-Party/event planning

-Small engine maintenance/tune up on mowers, chainsaw, weed eaters, etc.

-Basic auto maintenance/troubleshooting. (Replace wiper blades, air filter, identify source/nature of leaking fluids, identify source of tire leaks, reading check engine light codes, identifying source of strange car noises/vibrations.)

-Moving boxes/items to or from attic or other hard to reach storage places in the home. 

-Light yard work (trimming small trees/bushes, 

-Cleaning out a small garden or cleaning up leaves from a small lawn. 

-Stowing outdoor items for winter and setting them up again in the spring. 

-Diagnosing and fixing minor issues associated with swimming pools and fish ponds (chemicals, water testing, pump and hose leaks) and same for indoor aquariums. 

-Basic plumbing (fixing leaky faucets and toilets, pipe connections, unclogging stuck toilets and drains ). 

-Resolving minor issues with programmable home electronics, cellphones and computers (smart appliances, smart TVs, smartphones, computers, etc). 

-Help writing/reviewing/improving a resume. 

-Repairing/resolving minor issues with battery operated/electrical children’s toys.

-Assistance with assembling indoor or outdoor children’s toys/playsets.

-Assistance with moving furniture/heavy items where having “just one or two more” sets of hands would make all the difference. 

-“Light” vacation help (bringing in mail/newspaper, once per day feeding small pets (cats, fish, reptiles), watering plants/garden, turning pool pump on/off). 

-Changing light bulbs/cleaning cobwebs in hard to reach / high places.  

-Cleaning strainers in high efficiency clothes washers and dishwashers and changing refrigerator water filters and appliance light bulbs. 

-Cleaning an oven/barbecue grill. 

-Help setting up and taking down Christmas decorations/lights indoor/outdoor.  

-Help watching/playing with your kids (at your house/yard while you are home) so you can get other things done around your house/yard. 

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