Growth Groups Fall Lineup

Do you want to grow closer to God and develop more meaningful relationships with others in the process?  Growth groups are a great way to do that and we'd love to have you join us. 

The groups will meet weekly from September 10th through November 12th for the first session.  (We’ll have a new lineup starting again in January.)  The groups are described below.  Some groups are limited in size.  When you’ve decided which one you want to join, you can register by clicking “Register Here”. 


If you have any questions about a particular group, contact the leader. 

Group 1 - Family Matters   

Leaders:  Jim and Dianne Gresham  (724) 523-3671
When:  Sunday 6:00-7:30 PM
Where:  HCC Room 101
Who:  Couples, Parents (married or single)
What:  Family began in the Garden of Eden, and ever since then there have been problems.  This Bible study will focus on how to deal with family issues from a Christian perspective.  We’ll cover communication, handling conflict, instilling a biblical world view in children, and other family matters.  We’ll meet at the same time as the children and youth programs at the church so the whole family will benefit.  

Group 2 - 1 Peter  

Leader:  Mike Hazelton  (724) 516-6642
When:  Monday 7-8:30 PM
Where:  HCC
Who:  Anybody
What:  Join Mike for a study from the book of 1 Peter

Group 3 - What are YOU Hungry For?   

Leaders:  Jamie Walker (724) 396-4924, Tonia Eisaman (724) 787-9941, Lisa Abraham (724) 219-9005
When:  Sunday 5-7 PM
Where:  HCC

Who:  Men and Women
What:  Find yourself jumping from one fad diet to another?  Do you always feel the guilt of overeating?  Have you prayed about a healthier lifestyle?  Well this is the group for you!  Join a group of like-minded individuals in Christ as we work through the book, “The Daniel Plan.”  This book and video challenges the group to think of healthy living as not just a personal journey, but one that involves the strength of God through it all.  We know healthy living challenges many of us and some of us are doing well on that journey while others could use some help around this concept.  Let's get together to learn what you are hungry for as we grow in knowledge and in the Spirit. BONUS: Each session will also include a group meal prep or food demonstration!  BONUS #2:  Joining a Facebook group for uplifting comments, accountability, and tips/tricks in between sessions!
Note: Let us know if you need childcare and we can make arrangements.

Group 4 - Walking and Talking

Leader:  Michelle Sierk (724) 834-2859
When:   Wednesday 6:30 PM

Where:  Twin Lakes
Who:  Anybody
What:  Come join us as we spend time getting to know each other each week while getting to soak in some of the great outdoors while walking.   

Group 5 - Success Starts Sunday   

Leader:  Brandon Yeager (724) 532-0369
When:  Sunday 6:00-7:30 PM

Where:  To be determined
Who:  Anybody

What:  The 30 Hour Day....Have you ever wanted to have a deeper faith, stronger family relationships, live a healthier life, and be more financially stable, all at the same time? Then this group may be for you. Each Sunday evening, your success will be planned out for the week. Focused massive action, accountability, and the thrill of victory can all be expected, as well as good ol’ fashioned Christian fellowship and food.

Group 6 – Ladies’ Bible Study  (AM) 

Leader:  Helen Lemmon (724) 537-2979
When:  Tuesday 9:30 AM
Where:  HCC
Who:  Ladies (This group already meets, but has room for a few more.)
What:  Emphasis is on biblical study, support and prayer

Group 7 – Ladies’ Bible Study (PM)

Leader:  Helen Lemmon (724) 537-2979
When:  Wednesday 6:30 PM
Where:  Helen’s House (145 Lightcap Road, Latrobe)
Who:  Ladies (This group already meets, but has room for a few more.)
What:  Emphasis is on biblical study, support and prayer